Getting Started

daughter and father smiling together

Our staff is available to guide you through the process whenever any question arises. Whether you need to recover after surgery in our Skilled Nursing facility, are looking for rehabilitation after a joint replacement or medical event, or are looking for a place you can call home while receiving medical care, our team will strive to provide the care and attention you need. We will outline what to expect, insurance information, and how communications with your physician(s) will work.

Planning for an Unexpected Post-Hospital Recovery

As we age, the likelihood of being hospitalized for an unexpected health challenge increases.  It helps to be prepared. Become aware of the facilities in your area before a crisis occurs. If you’re visiting friends in a skilled facility, ask them how they’re being treated. Explore on your own, so you’ll be more prepared should an unplanned surgery or event happen to you. As soon as you enter the hospital, talk to your doctor to see if it’s likely you’ll need to recuperate at a skilled nursing facility. If so, have a loved one do some investigation on your behalf and ask the hospital discharge planner for recommendations.

Scheduling Post-Surgical Treatment or Rehabilitation

If you have a planned surgery and your doctor has explained a necessary recovery time or rehabilitation, talk to us in advance to reserve a room and complete all necessary paperwork. This way, when you arrive, all you’ll need to focus on is your recovery.

Items to Bring from Home

We encourage patients to being anything that makes them feel at home – comfortable clothes (including exercise gear and athletic shoes/sneakers), pajamas, a favorite blanket or pillow. We supply most personal grooming products, such as soap, shampoo, toothbrush, etc., but if you have your personal favorites, you are welcome to bring those as well. It’s always good to bring things to pass the time, such as reading material as well as a laptop, tablet or smartphone to stay in touch with friends and family.

Long-term Care 

If you know you’re going to need long-term care, tour the facilities in your area. Do the residents seem happy and well cared for? Does it feel like a warm and inviting place to be? Will you get the care you need to live life fully? Meet the staff, other residents and visiting family members and ask questions about what kind of a place the facility is like to live. After making these comparisons, we’re confident you’ll discover that Lawrence County Nursing Center provides the care, amenities and activities that help enhance and enrich you life. 

Items to Personalize Your Home

Because this will be your home, we want you to personalize your space as much as possible. This may include family photos, mementos, some furnishings, etc. Anything that can fit comfortably in your room without interfering with your care is encouraged.